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Impressions about the Brazilian Indians

There are 400 thousand Natives called Indians in Brazil, who are divided in 200 tribes, who speak about 170 languages. They live in specially defined landscapes which occupy 10% of the brazilian territory.

In the same way as I paint on canvas, the Indians also paint, but on their bodies, to express what they feel and what they want. However, the esteem that I feel for their traditions and their cultural pattern, allows me also to reveal their apprehensions and their longings. In visits, when I shared the conviviality with this threatened people, I got the following thoughts: More than us, so called civilized people, they depend on the nature to live, and they recycle without attacking it. As conservatives, they preserve their faith, their rituals, their habits and their space of living: The nature. They donít use it for ambition, but to guarantee their survival. And that it all they wish, a guarantee for the protection of their future generations, as a living witness of a prosperous Brazil.

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